A course guide on the latest updates in digital dental radiography and endodontic navigating systems.


The second module of OHi-S Project „the school of radiology” created specially for endodontists as well as for general dentists, who are passionate about Endodontics.


Within this module you will learn how to:


– Minimize the radiation load on the patient

– Conduct and analyze 2D film and digital imaging

– Analyze CBCT when planning endodontic treatment

– Treat root canals using static and dynamic navigation

– Use CBCT for classic and retrograde root canal filling.


As a result of training, you will learn how to see hidden pathologies, obstacles or treatment opportunities, which means:


– being able to treat canals better

– assurance of long-term results of endodontic treatment

– saving of time through better diagnostics and planning.


Persoană de contact: David Ovidiu Tiberiu – Telefon: 0724 090 880